LunaPutty is a simple utility that allows you to open multiple PuTTY windows in a pre-determined layout. No longer must you waste time opening all of your PuTTY windows and spreading them strategically across your monitor. All it takes now is a double-click to open your entire development environment or monitoring station! Download Here!

How It Works

LunaPutty.exe is a command-line executable that is easily called from a .bat file. Your steps to a double-click desktop are simple:
1. Download the LunaPutty ZIP folder.
2. Create your custom XML file using the included LunaPutty.xml file as a guide.
3. Alter the LunaPutty.bat script to point to your LunaPutty.exe file.
4. Double-Click the .bat file icon and watch what used to take at least an annoying minute of manual work now happen automatically in a couple of seconds.

The "Double-Click" PuTTY Desktop

Download LunaPutty

from LunaSoftware
Get it from CNET!
Requirements: If you are running XP or a previous Windows version, you may have to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Even a little exe needs a license.


Russ [2011-02-27 23:37:05]
Please enjoy and be sure to post any questions that you might have about LunaPutty!

Jon Avrach [2011-02-28 13:28:31]
For years I wasted time opening and positioning putty windows. If you use a lot of windows (e.g. iostat, ifstat, vmstat, top) and frequently undock your laptop, LunaPutty is a dream come true.